Yesterday, the hash group went up to a place called Caymanas. It is a small community located at the base of the mountains with a river running through it. We arrived about noon for a 12:30 start. However, we didn’t get going until close to an hour later. No matter, it was a lovely hike. Our launching area was also apparently a busy spot for chilling out on a lazy Sunday. The ubiquitous DJ was there and a huge crowd of locals swimming, dancing, eating and lyming. The hike itself lasted about 1:45 and was mostly flat trails. One person theorized that we were on a former sugar cane plantation. It was the usual pleasure to get out of the city and I was reminded what it sounds like to hear the wind rustling through tall grass and trees. We also had a river-crossing, which meant traversing in water past our knees. It was a refreshing interlude from the dusty trails. After the hike, soup with some kind of massive shellfish was served, but I was with the woman who said that all the antennas and eyes freak her out, so she won’t eat them. We left shortly after soup was served and made a stop at Mega Mart for groceries.  It was another great day out of the city.