Last night, Youth Opportunities Unlimited held a Youth Leaders concert in Mountain View. With a four p.m. start time, it got rolling around 5:00 with a performance from a group of drummers. Performers also included a dance crew called Simply the Best and another one whose name I didn’t get. These guys are amazing- they clearly practice at length and are blessed with an ability to move. We had advertised performances from Konshens (who is huge here right now) and Ding Dong, but only Delus showed up. It is beyond my understanding how you can simply not show up for an event, especially a charity event for youth. I had talked to a manager earlier in the evening (we called repeatedly to ensure they were coming) and he said his client would try to make it. What? Anyway, it seemed the audience was excited to see at least Konshens, as it was full of young men and women. I’m not sure what happened when it was revealed they would not be performing. Delus, however, put on a good show, even if it was only three or four songs. There were also drama performances from some of the youth, including one about racism. In their skit, they acted out a scenario involving a Rasta woman’s racist behaviour against a white woman on a coaster. Being the only white female there, it was an interesting experience. At these kind of events, I usually am the only white female and either people notice and move on immediately, or if they have a problem with it, they do not let me know. I think if anything, it is more curiosity, as people simply ask me where I am from, or most often, they want me to take their picture. As I have my camera to document all these events for promotional purposes, it never fails to attract a group of people who want their picture taken. I always oblige and it is a great way to meet all of them. 

Last night’s event was a fundraiser, so I hope that we did well. In addition to charging a modest fee for admission, we also sold bag juice, jerk chicken, ice cream, festival and a few other things cooked by two women from Rockfort. Enjoy the pictures, I will also post video of the dances- you must check them out!