Last evening, I attended another event for Kingston On The Edge, the urban arts festival. It was part of PechaKucha, a worldwide phenomena in which artists take part in a presentation in 537 cities at the same time. The artists are given a 20x20 format- they have 20 seconds per slide to talk about 20 slides of their art. The presentations we saw included a dancer, two painters, a pair of abstract thinkers talking about different dimensions, and my favourite- an elderly Rasta who discussed his trip to a small town in central Jamaica called Newmarket. It is an eerie story- the city was flooded in 1979 and the waters have yet to recede. With no small amount of reverence, Colin presented photographs he had taken of the town and the ingenious ways in which people have simply learned to cope. It was surprisingly moving.

The event took place at a gorgeous gallery called Grosevenor Gallery high in the hills. It was an outdoor event and it was well-attended. We also got a chance to look at the artwork, some of which is pictured.