Maryland was the site for the hike yesterday. It is a small town perched at the beginning of the Blue Mountains, only about a 15 minute drive from town. It is cooler and greener up there and steep! Most of the hike was uphill and when we reached the summit, we had a spectacular view of Kingston spread out before us. The city appeared under haze, a flat expanse dotted by buildings. The trail was busy with locals carrying various objects (batteries and ladders) cows, donkeys, goats and churches in session for Sunday service. Throughout a lot of our hike, we could hear a preacher singing the chorus: “I’ve been through the fire, I’ve been through the rain, I don’t ever want to go back again.” When we finally came upon the church, three people were taking a break from the service and a little girl greeted us by saying “Hi white people!” The trail was also covered with rotten mangos that exploded under your feet and made walking difficult. But I did not fall this time! This is an accomplishment. I was concerned because the uphill was so steep, how would the trail be going down? But we completed the descent on a paved road. Upon completion of the hike, we were treated to a delicious meal of chicken, salt fish and ackee, callalloo and rice and peas. There were several new hikers this time, including a fellow from the Netherlands, who is training Jamaicans to be able to fix the buses. Another great day away from the city.