This is a series of pictures from my apartment of the sunrise, pre tropical storm Ernesto. There were some thunderstorms last night and it is supposed to pass south of Jamaica tonight. Not only is this happening, but celebrations for Jamaica 50 continue, Blake, Bolt and Powell run the final race today, JA won a gold and bronze in the women’s 100m yesterday and Independence Day is tomorrow. Needless to say, it is an exciting time to be here. Yesterday, my mother and I went horseback-riding in the country with a couple of friends- Caymanas to be exact. (Did not have time for pictures as one person had to be back in Kingston for noon). It is a beautiful location just under the mountains on a former sugar plantation. We rode some polo ponies who are in the off-season, so they were nice and docile and fat. It was a gorgeous ride through the sugar cane fields and then we trotted a bit in an arena, although the horses weren’t too happy about exerting this extra energy. In addition to horses, there were about a million goats, dogs and assorted birds, including peacocks. Polo and cricket are big here with a certain segment of the population, a remnant of colonialism. As always, it was great to get away from the city.