We took a tour of the Bob Marley Museum today. It is located on Hope Road, a major thoroughfare in Kingston. Marley purchased the house from Island Records’ Chris Blackwell many years ago and it became his home, as well as a place for his band members to stay. (According to our tour guide, neither Rita Marley nor Bob’s 12 children stayed there- he would go and visit. I have also heard he has either 11, 12 or 13 children, not sure which is accurate.) It is a beautiful, old, two-storey house and has been well-maintained. The rooms are empty now, the walls adorned with Bob’s hundreds of awards and honours, except for the bedroom, which has a double bed and some of his favourite items (slippers, guitar, drums, meditation pillow from India and a chalice). We were not allowed to take pictures inside but these are taken outside (more below). It is easy to imagine Bob hanging out here, engaging in his favourite activities like recording songs, lying in the hammock, running up the stairs two at a time for football training and cooking food. The museum has mixed reviews here, both among locals and visitors, but I enjoyed it. Bob Marley is not only a revered icon, but his name is big business here, and it seems to be a well-run business.