Today we visited the Blue Lagoon, where the movie starring Brooke Shields was filmed. Jacques Cousteau also did an apparently famous dive there. It is a hole about 170 feet deep. At the bottom, under a rock, is a cave from which fresh water flows. A fresh water source also empties into the pool from land, so there is a refreshing mix of cool (think Canadian lake in May cool) and warm Caribbean waters. We arrived there this morning and were met by Dean, who took us out on a bamboo raft adorned with flowers. He powers the raft with core strength and his arms. I tried it- it is not easy. He took us to the sandy beach area and we swam. It was heavenly, especially when it rained. Prior to this, we woke up early to heavy rain and walked down to the beach, where we took a refreshing dip. Frenchman’s Cove is also a mix of sea and fresh water, but the fresh water is overpowering, so it is like swimming back home. We had the beach to ourselves. Last night as we fell asleep, it was as though we had pressed play on a white-noise-making machine set to the sounds of a tropical forest. We heard light rain, the wind through the bamboo trees and in the leaves, tree frogs and birds. In the background we can hear the ocean. It is so soothing. We ventured into Port Antonio’s main town this afternoon, where we got some bananas, Gravol (for the ride home) and the most delicious saltfish and ackee yet. We then took a route taxi home. Six of us crammed in, with a Kenny Rogers/Dolly Parton duet on repeat, the driver on his cellphone and the car hurtling over the curves and potholes at about 80km/h. Upon returning home, we were just in time to see and hear Jamaicans celebrating the men’s world-record-setting relay race. The noise of celebration and pride was delightful and deafening. Lots more pictures below.