Red Bones is a gorgeous bar/restaurant that hosts events all the time for a reasonable price. Last night, Nadine Sutherland played. At the age of 11, she won a national talent competition, scoring a record deal with Bob Marley’s Tuff Gong record label. She told the audience stories of working as a little girl with Bob. Her voice is amazing, as was her performance and her “bling bling” outfits, as she called them. The other great part of the evening was the many other performers Nadine brought out on stage: Marcia Griffiths (one of Bob Marley’s three famed backup singers, known as the i3s); Tony Rebel; two up-and-coming singers named Natel and Delus; Terror Fabulous and a couple other (I didn’t get their name. The crowd went crazy for the duet with Terror Fabulous (check out the song here) and Marcia, of course. I went with a friend named Ann, who I met at one of the many meetings I’ve been to. Turns out she is a Jamaican who returned to live in Jamaica after a long time growing up in Ottawa just a few blocks from my childhood home. Ann is a piano teacher at Edna Manley College and seems to know just about every musician on the island. So she knew the young backing band called Earth Cry, who put on a great show. There is no shortage of talent coming out of Edna Manley, and most of the students start working and don’t finish their degree because of the amount of work they start getting. Ann seems to forever be encouraging them to come and complete their degree. On the way out, we met up with Delus, who had performed a few months ago for a concert to benefit Youth Opportunities. He chatted with us, gave us some fliers and took a few pictures. It was a great night under the Blue Moon.