Yesterday the Gleaner ran an article about how YOU’s doors will remain open despite our lack of funding. It was written by a young reporter named Alessandro, who I’ve gotten to know as he seems to be on our ‘beat’ now. He’s quite good, and fair, except he got both my name wrong, as well as that of my colleague. To give him the benefit of the doubt, it could have been the copy editor’s fault. In any case, he called last Friday to get an update on our situation. Mrs. Scott couldn’t talk to him so I did the interview. It is always so bizarre to be on the other side of the phone, being interviewed. And having a story to get out there, with a very particular angle. But we are happy with Alessandro’s story. It is actually quite busy at work today. And some good news! One of the youths has been searching for a job for awhile now. He came in today and told me he may have a job after he clears a police check. This is wonderful news- he is a very bright guy and his girlfriend is expecting a baby girl in a few months.