"Very scary thunderstorm & lightning. I feel like the heavens are angry & pouring tears for all the little children violently abused and/or killed this past week…"

This Facebook post from a fellow volunteer stayed in my mind last night as I tried to go to sleep. I say tried because nature interfered in the form of a tremendous storm. Everything was lit up a brilliant purple every few seconds and the thunder struck so loud it seemed the sky had broken apart and the roof was about to cave in at any second. It was the kind of storm that reminds one of the impermanence, fragility and powerlessness of the human condition in the face of nature. 

So back to my fellow volunteer’s musings. This past few weeks has seen a proliferation of horrible headlines of Jamaicans being abused and violently killed. Five girls and women raped; two boys sodomized and drowned; a man killed by a mob after he hit four people with his car and two pregnant women killed by police. There are countless other stories. These are just the ones making headlines. Jamaicans are horrified and are mobilizing: there have been island-wide protests and some well-known artists are recording a song (check out this video by Queen Ifrica that addresses the abuse faced by some girls here.) 

As I read the paper with Onyka yesterday on our bus ride home from Montego Bay, we both remarked of the depressing nature of the news lately. Why are so many horrific and violent things occurring in such rapid succession? Of course, I do not have an answer, nor a solution. Does anyone, really? Maybe last night’s storm was a sufficient  reminder of our humility and of our duty to protect our fellow vulnerable citizens.